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Xiaomi MIUI 12.5’s ‘expanding RAM’ feature could virtually solve storage space issues – RPRNA

Many Xiaomi smartphone owners often complain that MIUI is fulling RAM mercilessly. Insufficient memory will cause the system to freeze. Among them, the typical behavior of the system is that one of the applications crashes when using multiple utilities. Over time, the company can provide a mechanism to solve the problem of insufficient memory.

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Therefore, after examining the MIUI 12.5 firmware code, the known developer Kacper Skrzypek was able to find the memory expansion function. The company may call it “extended RAM”, and while part of resources can be converted to RAM, it may allow smartphones to “breathe” more freely when using resource-intensive applications.

However, this function is only effective when the smartphone starts functioning within its functional range. It is not clear when Xiaomi smartphones will be included.

Xiaomi MIUI 12.5’s ‘expanding RAM’ feature

Expanding RAM feature is not new, and many manufacturers are already experimenting with it. Therefore, the Vivo X60 and OnePlus 9 (as Turbo Boost) provide a similar mechanism. The function of virtual RAM (or extended RAM) is to compensate for the situation when it is necessary to complete a task that requires more RAM than a smartphone.

In this case, the system occupies a portion of the storage memory, filling it with data that is currently unused and does not require immediate use.

Essentially, this function allows RAM and ROM to exchange data with each other to adapt more flexibly to the required use cases at a given time. The priority of RAM is the data required to complete the process running on the smartphone. The rest of the data will be sent to storage.

If the operating plan of the device changes, RAM and memory will exchange data with each other again, so that only the necessary data can be used at this time.

Memory Management Technology

The Mutual exchange allows the smartphone to easily keep the most frequently used application in the background to ensure high speed. In addition, it also has a positive effect on the smoothness of the interface, when the comfort of using a smartphone increases.

Currently, the possibility of increasing the virtual RAM of Xiaomi smartphones is not fully understood. For Vivo X60, this feature (enhancement of memory management technology 1.0) allows you to get an additional 3 GB, that is, 8 GB can be increased to 11 GB, and 12 GB can be increased to 15 GB.

This function can be used because faster memory is already on the market, its performance compared to PC solid state drives. And its operating speed allows it to keep up with RAM. Vivo says that this technology allows the system to cache up to 20 applications at the same time.



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