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Returnal Day One Patch Download Size, Update Notes for April 30 Release Date

With the Returnal release date of April 30, developer Housemarque has made the game’s day one patch now available for download. The Returnal day one patch download size is 14.2GB. While there are no patch notes available to view on the PS5 (thanks Sony for not carrying over one of the PS4’s most useful features), it’s safe to say that the Returnal PS5 day one patch would include updates to performance, polish in terms of visuals and audio, bug fixes, and the like.

For what it’s worth we didn’t notice anything particularly egregious in our review of the game. The Returnal PS5 unlock time is 12am in your local timezone as per the PlayStation Store listing put up by Sony.

And if you prefer it on disc, Returnal’s physical release is available at online retailers like Games the Shop, Amazon India, and Mcube Games. It is priced at Rs. 4,999 across all stores. At the time of filing this story IGN India is given to understand that the physical release of the game is set for April 30 as well. However due to ongoing coronavirus lockdown restrictions, we can’t rule out the possibility of a delay in parts of the country.

That said, it has got its fair share of flak in the country for its exorbitant Rs. 4,999 price tag. So much so that some retailers have already discounted it before release.

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