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PS5 Back in Stock on Amazon India

Want to buy a PS5 in India? Amazon finally has stock. Multiple IGN India readers reached out confirming that the console is now available. You can try buying one right here. This is the disc version of the PS5 that has a price of Rs. 49,990.

The seller is Cloudtail so it should be official with warranty. Here’s a handy guide on how to tell if your console is genuine with warranty in India. Previously IGN India reported that the console would be available in India from April and Sony just about made that possible with Amazon having it up for sale from 11:55pm. Emails and notifications were sent out by the e-commerce giant as well.

Keep in mind that due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions its likely that delivery may not be possible across the country.

Emails showed up at around 11:55pm on April 30. Image credit: Imafia97.

This follows the fan base rallying around the #RestockPS5India hashtag on Twitter, the community’s zero tolerance policy against scalpers, and assistance in the form of user-created bots to help would be buyers as well as a petition.

The Indian gaming community has been incredibly vocal about being treated with respect, on par with the company’s customers in developed markets.

As always we’ve reached out to Sony and Amazon for comment and will update this story if we hear from either company.

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