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PS5 Amazon India Sale Was Not a Restock

Last week the PS5 was available for sale on Amazon India. For a brief 10 minute window, Sony’s latest console could be purchased — assuming of course that Amazon could ship to your location. Ongoing lockdown restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic have ensured that a sizeable part of the country do not have access to non-essential deliveries, PS5 included.

This late night sale on Amazon India took many by surprise, leading the Indian gaming community to speculate that Sony has restocked the PS5 for country. However this is far from the case.

For starters, if this was a restock it would be widely available and not just on Amazon. Going by Sony’s past PS4 restocks, which hit almost every major retailer in the country around the same time, it makes no sense to have it on Amazon for just 10 minutes. If it was a restock, we’d see Sony’s other retail partners list it too. This wasn’t the case.

In fact sources at Vijay Sales, Reliance Digital, and Croma speaking to IGN India have confirmed that Sony has not reached out to them regarding a restock just yet. Perhaps, due to the fact that the last time around, the company had reached out with information before it actually knew when it would be getting PS5 consoles.

Secondly, the short duration of availability is suspect. It indicates that the PS5 units available were few and far between. Throw in the timing — on a Friday night from 11:55pm onwards, suggests that this wasn’t a restock.

All of this: the lack of availability at other retailers, duration of sale, and timing suggest that Amazon had likely conducted an inventory check or received returns. According to a report from Entrackr, Amazon India had the highest return rate of all countries the e-commerce giant operates in. Nonetheless, we reached out to Amazon India for comment and will update this story if we hear from the company.

So when can you expect a PS5 restock? With parts of the country in lockdown due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as well as some states like Maharashtra prohibiting the sale of non-essential goods, it is quite likely that PS5 India restocks may be delayed.

Similar to last year’s lockdown, many retailers and distributors are still awaiting clarity from the government as to how and when they would be able to sell non-essentials. This is because unlike last year’s lockdown, imports and their clearances have not been stopped.

With Microsoft’s Xbox Series S taking retail by storm, the company’s 90 percent market share is under threat. It’ll be interesting to see how Sony manages to navigate these issues. Last year it did an excellent job ensuring The Last of Us Part 2 was available across the country. Assuming it obtains the necessary clarity for distribution and delivery, perhaps it could do the same for the PS5.

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