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Over 10 Years Later, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is Still One of the Most Entertaining Movies Ever

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World movie turned 10 last year and its team is celebrating 10-year anniversary with a limited theatrical run in the US. The new Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos version of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is supervised by director Edgar Wright alongside the original team of colourist Stephen Nakamura, sound mixer Julian Slater, cinematographer Bill Pope, and editor Paul Machliss. The movie will also get a 4K UHD Blu-ray release soon.

Although Scott Pilgrim vs. The World wasn’t a success at the box office, the movie has gathered a cult following over the years. Since it has been over 10 years after the initial release of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, it’s worth checking out whether the movie still holds up.

How It Holds Up in the Modern Era

As movies or shows get older, young audiences come across stuff in their stories that aren’t considered appropriate anymore. For instance, many new viewers of Friends found the beloved show politically incorrect. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has some aspects that could be considered problematic. First of all, Scott is dating a 17-year-old Chinese high schooler named Knives Chau in the movie. This feels weird at first, but the movie goes out of its way to constantly remind us that their relationship isn’t sexual and that none of Scott’s friends support this relationship.

There is one more scene, where Scott has to fight Roxy who was Ramona’s only girlfriend. As Scott is pretty reluctant on fighting a woman, Roxy says that he needs to fight her and win to date Ramona. To get around this, Ramona uses Scott as a puppet that fights Roxy and Scott finally wins in the most ridiculous way possible.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World manages to stay politically correct even after having some seemingly problematic stuff. This is because the creators have paid close attention to making complex as well as relatable characters and ensuring that their inappropriate actions are never really rewarded. For instance, after cheating on Knives, Scott has to reflect on his horrible actions, instead of getting a free pass for being the protagonist.

A Comic Book and Video Game Nerd’s Fever Dream

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World draws you into the world of the movie with its fantastic cinematography and editing, which is expected from Wright’s movies. The attention to minor details like placing easter eggs for every ex, the video game sound effects, and comic book strips makes the movie feel immersive and exciting. Adding to that, the spectacular soundtrack and amazing fight sequences makes Scott Pilgrim vs. The World a gamer’s dream come true. Every fight scene stands on its own as a unique experience, ranging from sheer goofiness to ass-kicking to musical battles. It’s a shame that most hardcore action movies don’t have such amazing fight scenes.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World features funny dialogues and visual comedy you would expect from Wright’s movies. Similar to the Cornetto Trilogy, the movie has several funny moments that you won’t get to see in many comedy movies. The visual comedy that is present in Wright’s movies relies heavily on great camera work, editing, and using props such as phones, coffee, and others in an unexpected manner. These help Scott Pilgrim vs. The World maintain its level of hilarity, even when you know all the jokes.

The Philosophy of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is adored for its fantastic music, well-choreographed fight scenes as well as its amazing cinematography and editing. It feels like reading a comic book and playing a video game at the same time, with the storytelling of a great movie. But, it’s not all style over substance. The movie serves as a coming-of-age chapter for Scott Pilgrim. After making a series of bad decisions, Scott’s is left to fend for himself as his roommate kicks him out and his band replaces him with Young Neil. In the end, Scott needs to come to terms with his behaviour and gain self-respect to overcome his own limits.

Likewise, Ramona’s Evil Exes are much more than badass boss fights. They represent the emotional baggage that comes with toxic relationships and bad breakups. Especially, the final Evil Ex, Gideon Graves, embodies a manipulative person who keeps pulling you back. Over the course of the movie, Scott learns to accept her flaws and fights the League of Evil Exes to be with the girl of his dreams.

The Controversial Ending

In the theatrical version of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Scott decides to continue to date Ramona in the end. Director Edgar Wright had shot a different ending before this one, where Scott decides to start dating Knives again. When you think about it, the ending that isn’t added in the movie makes more sense as Knives never gave up on Scott, making her the perfect girl for him. But, in a recent interview, Wright explained why he chose to shoot a different ending.

According to Wright, it would have been unfair to Knives to date Scott again. Ellen Wong, who played Knives, also felt that it would make Knives look weak to get back into a relationship with Scott after he cheated on her. With this context, the theatrical ending seems much better.

There are many comic book adaptations that came before and after Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, but it still manages to stay in the league of its own. No matter how many times I watch the movie, it always makes me happy and it always feels just as fresh as the first time I watched it. Considering that the movie is now celebrating its 10-year anniversary, I can only hope Scott Pilgrim vs. The World could come back with a sequel or spinoff.

The comic book series’ writer-artist Bryan Lee O’Malley and Wright have hinted that they want to revisit these characters in an anime. While, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who played Ramona Flowers, wants a sequel that takes place ten years after the events of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Both of these ideas sound pretty great and we can only hope that at least one of them moves forward.

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