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How to Connect Alexa to Your Samsung Smart TV

If you’ve got a Samsung smart TV from 2019 or 2018, but want something better than Samsung’s Bixby, connecting the TV to a smart speaker is pretty simple! By pairing an Amazon Alexa smart speaker you can add some basic voice control on your Samsung smart TV. With just a couple of apps, you can set up your Amazon Echo or similar Alexa-powered device to offer some voice-activated convenience on your Samsung smart TV now, with the ability to power the TV on and off, adjust the volume, and more basic controls.

If you’ve got a 2020 Samsung TV model, like the one seen in our Samsung Q80t QLED TV review, you’re in even more luck, because current Samsung smart TVs have Amazon Alexa built in, as seen in our  guide How to connect your Samsung TV to Alexa. (And if you’re more of a Google fan, check out How to connect your Samsung TV to Google Assistant.) There’s no need to use a paired smart speaker, because you can use the microphone in the remote control for all of the same Alexa skills and voice interactions, as well as change the channel, open apps, search for movies and shows, play music and control your smart home devices.



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