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Forget Tesla — true performance electric cars are coming

There has been a recent suite of electric cars teased or announced with a performance focus. Ford has taken the Mustang Mach-E and given it two new GT options with performance and driving dynamics in mind. Mercedes has said AMG versions of its EQ all-electric cars are coming. And more recently Hyundai has teased N-line performance EVs, essentially suggesting that “hot” versions of its electric cars are being worked on.  

For a car fan, albeit a reasonably green one, more performance-tuned EVs is a tantalizing prospect. Arguably, most of the current crop of EVs lack the real driving dynamics of gas-guzzling performance cars. A Tesla Model S might destroy most performance cars in a straight line. But when it comes to tackling corners and getting a thrill from neatly clipping an apex, Elon Musk’s flagship EV is generally considered to leave driving fans feeling a little cold. 



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