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Are robot vacuums worth it? Here’s what you need to know

Ever open your closet, look at the Dyson in the back and think “I really should vacuum this weekend,” as you grab your jacket to leave for work — forgetting about vacuuming as fast as you thought about it? Or maybe you’re out with friends and your partner invites everyone back to your house? If you’re like me, you really wish you could dispose of the dog hair in the living room and cracker crumbs in the kitchen before the gang shows up. Alas, your Dyson stick vac can’t save you now, but a Wi-Fi-connected robot vacuum can.

Can a robot vacuum replace a regular vacuum? In short, not totally. A robot vacuum serves best as a companion to a traditional upright or canister vacuum, as it is able to clean up everyday crumbs without you having to lug the big vacuum up from the basement. Plus, it can do it on a schedule, leaving you to set it and almost completely forget it (aside from cleaning out the dustbin). Here are some factors to consider if a robot vacuum is worth it.

What’s on your floor?



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