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65 best Netflix shows and TV series to watch now (May 2021)

Our list the best Netflix shows keeps growing, because Netflix keeps investing in original programming (and producing excellence, on occasion). Sure, The Office opened shop Peacock and The West Wing is at HBO Max, but Netflix’s never-ending stream of new shows is strong enough to keep most of us subscribed. Recently, new seasons of Master of None and Love, Death & Robots have been announced, and we’re wondering how long we have to wait for Stranger Things’ next season.

If you’re looking to watch the best Netflix shows before they leave, we’d recommend you go to Avatar: The Last Airbender and then Legend of Korra. Paramount Plus is likely going to gobble up these shows in the near future — and it’s going to have a new spin-off show from the same universe as those series (two of the best Netflix TV series you can see.



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